Jacks Bar/Tavern ErinaLast Thursday of the Month


Hello everyone,
Wow!! Thank you  all those club members who attended our first ‘open uke’ night at Jacks Bar Erina. What can I say…..  we have some very talented singers and musicians amongst us.
The four Strings (from Erina group) were awesome, two really great songs and the crowd loved them, can’t wait to hear what they have planned for us next time.
Ivan and Deb (from Tuggerah) sang a beautiful Duet together and the entire tavern sang along with them (gives me goosebumps) only to be joined on stage with brother
Brian and these two brothers sure do know how to play and sing amazing harmonies together, just delightful. Then Trevor and Carol (Tuggerah) joined them for a beautiful rendition on ‘Today’ by John denver and other beautiful songs
The talent kept coming..
Young Joe (from Woy Woy) Sang three beautiful songs and again everyone in the Tavern sang along with him and much to Joe’s reluctance we persuaded him to sing ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ it was just awesome! Thank you Joe, we loved it!
Speaking of awesome then we had young Adam Johnson sing an entire set for us and, yes, he was awesome, just ask him! And his gorgeous wife Lea came and joined him for a song or two, so lovely to hear you both sing together.
Rosie and Glenn performed as ‘Two or More’ with 3 beautiful songs then joined by Adam and Lea and some d’jembe players for some classic rock songs.
We had some incredible d’jembe playing and you never have heard a rendition of Blame it On The Bossa Nova, like we did on Thursday night. The place was jumping!
So wonderful to see David and Delycia up dancing and others taking their lead and joining in.
Brian from Kemspey came down and joined us for a great evening and even got up and sang some songs and his song ‘Home Home for the Aged’ (to the tune of home on the range)  was a real hit! Thanks Brian.
To top the night off the ‘WoW’ girls joined us and sang in harmonies some great classic like Chapel of Love and Stand by Me!
And no to forget our group playing and singing…. I was so proud of you all… from where I was standing hearing you all play together and sing was amazing, even the bar staff joined in and those punters who happened to pop in were all singing along! The boys behind the bar are going to sing for us next time, whhooo hooo!!
Dancing, singing, ukulele playing and lots of laughter. You cannot capture this on camera though some pics are attached. The rest will be on our website.  It was a great night and we’ll look forward the the last Thursday in August where we get to do it all over again. Rosie is going to bring her pipes and I hope Frank brings is Bodhran drum.
Thank you again to everyone who made the effort and I hope you all had a great night out!
Classes as normal this week.
D’jembe classes starting soon – watch this space.
Chat soon
Keep warm
and have a beautiful day
Liz x

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