Ukulele Festival

Dear Central Coast Ukulele Club


You all were amazing. You rose to the occasion and gave it your best shot! Absolutely marvellous, awesome, outstanding!

We owned the Carrington!!

I am so proud of you all my heart is pounding out of my chest and you know how ..well I wont go there….
Congratulations on an amazing performance and your dedication in making the trip to the mountains to the ukulele festival, during all that rain and fog, a great success. The sun shone for us and you all.
Well done.

Back to work next week to see where our next conquest will be. LOL!!
Tony Chu – you were that little extra amazing!!! Dr Smiles – this is now your job!!!

Leonie, thank you for making our brilliant banner.

Love to you all and again congratulations for all your hard work and brilliant performance.

Cheers Liz x

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