Festival 2015 flyer

This January in 2015  we will be hitting the studio to record our second CD. It promises to be bigger and better than our last two.

Watch this space.


hello Everyone – lovers of Ukuleles and our dear members of the Central Coast Ukulele Club

this Saturday at the Niagara Park Music Rehersal Studios, we will be recording our club playing and singing a few songs so you have a CD for Xmas. You can give it to love ones or keep it as memorbilla..
2pm this Saturday 26th November at Niagara Park Music Rehersal Studios….

So much has been happening.
Renate Art Exhibition was fabulous and I waS so proud of our club – you all did an amazing performance.

Fundraiser at Saratoga was fabulous and terrific feedback on such a hot day.

Our fundraiser at Jacks bar Erina was brilliant – we raised nearly $1000 for the gong ride and for MS!

Congratulations Central Coast Ukulele Club.

Jacks Bar social last Wednesday was fantastic, so much talent and so many birthdays and so many songs we sang!!! . We will have to do it again soon.

Cheers Liz

Our very first social/meeting night at Jacks Bar and Tavern Erina last Wednesday night the 13th July was a great success with everyone having a wonderful time. We found some talented singers and a few entertainers. It was wonderful to hear everyone playing along and enjoying themselves. I was busy and didn’t get the time to take a few photo’s but believe a few others did. If you could send them to the club I would love to publish them.The management at Jacks Bar had fabulous feedback from it’s patrons and staff and would love to have the Central Coast Ukulele Club to return for another night! We have some dates but I will run it past our members first.It was fantastic to see you all there and to welcome our new members on the night with friendly open arms and what a fantastic way to show off our new songs.Everyone had a great time and thank you all for making a huge effort on a cold winters night. We’ll be doing it again soon.

It will be up for discussion to hold an event like this once a month, once every six weeks or every two months perhaps. It’s a fabulous opportunity and a great venue. I was thinking perhaps inviting some of the retirement residents down and nursing home residents to our club or venue and perform live for them.

Lots of ideas and I welcome your input.

96.3  BBQ Country with ”Tubby’

Tubby from 96.3 interviewed Liz, Rob Ajala and Glenn and we represented our Central Coast Ukulele Club live on 96.3 last week and they loved it! We played a few numbers live. We have been asked back and I am hoping for a few more members to join us next time. They are ukulele lovers. Here is an album they have suggested we listen to and enjoy


Macron Music have already agreed to give our member 15% discount at Tuggerah and Erina.

Macron have also put together a package deal for beginners. This is:-

Electronic Tuner, Music Stand, Gig Bag for only $50.

Nullarbor Nellie from Mannering Park is away doing shows and fundraisers with his Uke and would like to perform when he gets back in January. I’d also like to present to the club a few special guest artists along the way.

I have been also asked to think about a Central Coast Ukulele Festival. Watch This Space.

As you will see I am now doing a register of club members and I will be issuing club members with a club number. This entitles club members to discounts at Macron music Erina and Tuggerah. I have also been in discussions with Kerrie and we have come up with the idea of each time you purchase something from Macron, show your card and they will take note of your club number and after so many purchases there will be loyalty rewards.

Other exciting news is with our member numbers I am hoping to have a member draw each month to win various prises .

Trade in . Trade up. Second Hand Ukulele’s

Trade in your old Uke for a new one or sell your old one.

Watch this space.

Happy Uke Playing Liz x

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