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The ukulele is affectionately known as the people’s instrument and it’s made a comeback. The ukulele is no longer just associated with the Hawaiian shirts and Tiny Tim; it is recognized as a serious musical instrument to suit all ages. More and more people are taking up this four string instrument, (which also has 6 and 8 strings) and have discovered the enjoyment of music, an international language and music makes you feel good. It’s also about having a crack at something that you wouldn’t necessarily think you were any good at and succeed! You cannot help but smile when you pick up a ukulele or hear it played. The Guinness Book of records state that the ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn.

It’s not complicated, it’s fun and compact, it’s not expensive (try stop at one!) it makes you smile, it’s portable, it’s not pretentious, it’s for all ages beginners to advance.

At our weekly meetings, meet up and join with other local ukulele players or come over and enjoy the atmosphere, learn how to play, learn new tunes, exchange tunes, enjoy the jam sessions and sing-a-longs, information on concerts, fundraisers, charity events, badge draws, social events, discounts and entertainment. Stand by lovers of ukuleles!!

We guarantee this will put a smile on your face, so much fun so why not give it a go and join our new and ever growing club today. Yes we are new, fresh and welcome all ages and all levels.

Stand by lovers of ukuleles!!

Find us on face book centralcoast ukulele club or our website

email us at

or for more information contact Liz on 0412 837 008

Have a great day!


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